Book an Excursion

How to Book an Excursion

To book an excursion please provide the following details:

  • Your school or college name
  • The name of the teacher responsible for the excursion
  • Which day and time you prefer. (Half day 10 am – 12 noon or 12.15 p.m. to – 2.15pm. Full day 10am – 2pm incl. lunch break)
  • The anticipated size of your group
  • We will send you a written confirmation for you to sign and return. We then send you a suggested worksheet and map
  • To make an online enquiry Click Here
  • To book an excursion by email click here or see email address below
  • To book by telephone ring Lessons Afloat on (02) 9925 0306 (please be prepared to leave a message containing the details above)
  • To book by fax please send details to (02) 9929 6028