Excursions for Primary

Year K-6

Lessons Afloat provide an excellent learning experience across KLA’s in the following areas.

HSIE – Human Society and Its Environment: (Stages 1 – 3)

Through a study of the Sydney Harbour area students will gain a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Change and Continuity, Environment, Cultures, Social Systems and Structures
  • Curriculum based worksheets have been developed for the following excursions. Full or half day excursions are available.

Early Stage 1 (K)

  • Sydney Harbour (picture sheet) (K)
  • Relevant to curriculum item: Places we know

Stage 1 (YR 1 -2)

  • Places we know (picture sheet) (YR1)
  • The need for Shelter
  • Transport (tick sheet) (yr1)
  • Transport (yr2)
  • Wet and Dry Environments

Stage 2 (YR 3 -4)

  • Australia: You’re standing in it
  • Bridges
  • British Colonisation of Australia
  • Places then, there and now
  • State and national parks

Stage 3 (YR 5-6)

  • Bridges
  • British Colonisation of Australia
  • Global Connections and Sydney
  • Visual Arts and Environment (Develop students’ visual awareness where water meets land on Sydney Harbour)

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