Excursions for Secondary

Geography Stages 4 & 5

The aim of this excursion is for students to:

  • Understand how and why the Sydney Harbour environment is changing e.g. urban renewal
  • Understand the geographical issues affecting the Sydney Harbour environment and how they are being managed
  • Understand Australia in its regional and global context
  • Understand the relationship between communities, work and settlement

Geography (Stage 6)

The aim of this excursion is for students to:

  • Understand the changing nature, spatial patterns and interaction of ecosystems, urban places and economic activity
  • Evaluate the strategies and responses to these changes
  • Examine the impact of cultural integration and globalisation upon areas around the harbour
  • Examine the use of natural resources

History Stages 4 & 5

The aim of this excursion is for students to:

  • Understand Australian History from 1901 to present through examination of the Sydney Harbour area OR
  • Conduct a site study to gain an understanding of the context and manner in which the occupation of the Sydney Harbour area has changed over time

History Stage 5

The aim of this excursion is for students to:

  • Understand Australia’s involvement in the Second World War 1939 – 1945 Students learn about the impact of the Second World War on Australian citizens with a particular emphasis on Sydney Harbour
  • Full day excursion includes a lunch stop at Garden Island where students can view the remains of one of the Japanese midget submarines that attacked Sydney Harbour during
  • the Second World War and the Boom Boat that first raised the alarm.
  • For further information on the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre visit their website

Combination of Geography and History

Twentieth Century History to current day development make a unique combination excursion to analyse change over time. This combination is only available in a 4 hour (full day) format

Visual Arts

  • Develop students’ visual awareness on our excursion ‘Where Water Meets Land’
  • Stimulate self expression through exploration of this physical environment. Lessons Afloat Art worksheet will contribute to students’ Visual Arts Process Diary
  • Stimulate critical and historical study. The excursion leader, using copies of original art works, guides students to see how other artists have responded to this unique environment over time
  • Combine the harbour cruise with a NSW Art Gallery Tour focussing on the above works
  • Teachers may develop their own worksheet and the experienced Lessons Afloat excursion leader will gear the commentary accordingly
  • Students should bring sketching/drawing materials, photography equipment etc on the excursion

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